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What are eBay™Tools?
eBayTools are a set of tools to improve the eBay auction experience just that little bit.

What tools are there?
Currently we have the following tools (geared towards sellers, we hope to have some tools for buyers soon!): Find out more about the tools...

How much does eBay™Tools cost?
Many of the features are free! However we do have three levels of membership:
How do I pay for membership?
Once you have created an account (here) just follow the links in your login area to pay by PayPal. If you prefer you can pay by cheque.

How do I sign up?
Simple! Click here.

What are your policies regarding Ads and Spam?

Are you an eBay Company?
No! bhprog.co.uk is in no way affilaited with eBay™ or eBay, Inc, we are simply a group of sellers who created these tools for our own use and are now making them available to everyone!

How can I contact you?
Email us here

What eBay sites can I use eBayTools with?
Currently they only work with eBay.co.uk when items are listed in GBP (£). If and when there is demand for other sites we will endevor to add it. If you wish to see support for another eBay site then please contact us.

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