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OSGB - National Grid Reference - NGR (eg TQ435646) BackToTop

Sometimes called Landranger Grid or LR Grid, based on the OSGB36 TRF, Airy 1830 ellipsoid datum and a Transverse Mercator map projection.

Irish Grid Refence (eg T454355) BackToTop

Easting and Northings (eg 234356, 545345) BackToTop

UK Postcode (eg RH17 2TT) BackToTop

Placename - Text Search (eg Stoke) BackToTop

Flush Bracket Number (eg S5543) - [FB or NPFB] BackToTop

Lat/Long (WGS84/OSGB36) - (eg N 52° 55.244 W 003° 58.438)

UK Phone Dialing Code (eg 01248)

OSGB Map Tile Reference (eg SP08SW86)

NAC or Universal Address™ (eg GQH00 RSZZZ)

NAC, Natural Area Coding, Universal Map Grid and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc (Used under Licence)

IARU Locator (eg IO34TN)

UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator (eg 30U,302802,5869773)

Approx - Single Number Representation of a Lat/Long (eg Approx 928542141)BackToTop

More on these conversions

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If interested the background is Moel Oernant
Uses many Sources of Data, how do you data-mine without data?