of the
of the
Colonel Sir Charles Close, KBE, CB, CMG, FRS
Director-General of the Ordnance Survey
The following index lists the Primary lines of
the Second Geodetic Levelling of England &
Wales, carried out between 1912 and 1921
by the Ordnance Survey.
The linked pages are scans of the abstract,
which list the "intermediate points" surveyed
between the 86 Fundamental Bench Marks
(FBM's) and 5 Tide Gauges.
Results and analysis so far here

Plate 1 The First Geodetic Levelling of England & Wales (1840-1860)
Plate 2 The Second Geodetic Levelling of England & Wales (1921-1921)
Plate 3 The Second Geodetic Levelling of England & Wales (1921-1921) (New value of bench mark -- Old value of bench mark)
Dunbar Dunbar Tidal Observatory - Sketches

Various volunteers have come forward to enable the transcription of this data into a more
useful format, and more importantly the translation of the surveyor's descriptions into
something meaningful today. These are now detailed against each line in the table below
Suggested format for transcribing these lists is as follows -
example based on Barry's plot of Church Stretton to Oswestry (sequence decremented!)
Field Description Example
Pair listed against each index entry below
first draft of codes
Side Levels and Branch Lines as AAA-BBBa
Source used to distinguish between data from this abstract (2GL), and from elsewhere NEW
Sequence within Line (starting at 0) 3
FB FB number (if available) 2650
FB:Flush Bracket
PB:Protruding Bracket (Bracket in the abstract)
FBM:Fundamental Bench Mark
BM:'Old' B.M. in the abstract
 Others ...
Description verbatim from abstract FB on S.E. battlement of Morton Bridge
Grid Ref 6 fig+ NGR SJ 313 231
Height from abstract OPTIONAL
Cross Ref Line and Sequence of other lines it's in ... OPTIONAL
Type of route e.g. road, canal, railway OPTIONAL
found:Found "on the ground"
cnfCould Not Find - again "on the ground"
goneGone, dead, buried ...
Notes How the GR was estimated etc Bridge marked on Exp:999
Link URL to where photo/more info can be found. OPTIONAL
If this data is being entered into an Excel spreadsheet, then past experience would suggest adding a formula like
after the last column, and pasting the contents of this to a text file. Including headings will simplify reading these later!
An Excel spreadsheet which provides (among other things) a template for this can be found here
Current proposal is that these files be emailed to Barry Hunter, who's volunteered for the first part of the collation exercise!
These intermediate csv files will be made available here Results and analysis so far here
Several "status" flags I've proposed:
trans: transcribed driven: 50% of FB's found 'on the ground'
plot: plotted to an OS grid ref
hopefully linked to the csv file for now
walked: 75% of FB's found
collt: collated 'centrally' wherever that might be ... survyd: 90% of FB's found!

LinePairLines of LevellingLength
Date of LevellingPage in
001ABG-BREAbergavenny to Brecon22.8Jan,14-Jun,144646
002ALF-CRYAlfriston to Croydon46.3Jul,19-Nov,1926,2727,28transIanR
003ARU-ALFArundel to Alfriston37.0Aug,19-Jan,2025,2626IanR
004BAS-WALBasingstoke to Wallingford35.0May,12-Jun,1220,2121JohnT
005BOS-GRABoscastle to Grampound37.4Apr,15-Oct,1566
006BAB-ABGBrampton Abbots to Abergavenny24.4Jun,13-Jan,144747
007BAB-SUCBrampton Abbots to Suckley25.1Jan,13-Jun,1340-
008BRE-LLABrecon to Llandovery23.6Sep,13-Jan,1448-
009BRI-BEEBridford to Beer30.6Sep,16-Apr,1766
010BRI-YELBridford to Yelverton26.7Jul,15-Feb,1633
011BRO-WARBromsgrove to Warwick25.4Mar,13-Jul,133837
012BUC-SAPBuckland to Sapperton34.3Jul,12-Nov,1222-JohnT
013BUL-NORBulmer to Northallerton31.0Oct,18-Mar,1996,9797
014BUN-CLABuntingford to Clare32.1Apr,14-Dec,1469,7070plotIanR
015CRM-LLACarmarthen to Llandovery29.6Aug,13-Jan,1448,4949
CRM-LLAbCarmarthen to Llandovery (Carmarthen, Llanelly, Neath,
Merthyr Tydfil & Abergavenny)
CRM-LLAcCarmarthen to Llandovery (Llanelly to Llandilo)Aug,13-Jan,1455,56,57-
CRM-LLAdCarmarthen to Llandovery (Neath, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil)Aug,13-Jan,1457,58,59,60,
016CAS-WOWCastor to Waltham-on-the-Wolds35.6Mar,14-Aug,146464RobW
017CAS-WKNCastor to Wicken41.0Mar,14-Oct,1471,7272plotIanR
018CHS-BREChurch Stretton to Brecon62.0Oct,19-Oct,2044,4545,46
019CLA-IPSClare to Ipswich26.6Mar,17-May,177373plotIanR
020CRA-CASCranford to Castor25.7Feb,16-Jun,166363RobW
021CRY-WCACroydon to Windsor Castle29.4Jan,20-Apr,202828,29transIanR
022DAR-WREDaresbury to Wrexham30.7Mar,20-Jul,208686RoyB
023DVE-GRLDaventry to Great Linford27.6Apr,13-Oct,1331,3232RWW
024DRC-BEEDorchester to Beer35.4May,17-Nov,1777
025DRC-WIMDorchester to Wimborne31.5Oct,12-Mar,131010
026DUL-BRIDulverton to Bridford32.6Jun,16-Dec,164,54
027DUL-TORDulverton to Torrington30.1Dec,17-May,1845
028DBT:CCTDunbar CircuitOct,13-Dec,13110-Graeme
029DBT-DBWDunbar Tidal Observatory to Dunbar West0.9Oct,13-Dec,13110-Graeme
030DBW-DBEDunbar West to Dunbar EastOct,13-Nov,13110-Graeme
031DBW-WBRDunbar West to Wester Broomhouse2.5Jan,14-Feb,14110110Graeme
032DUC-KELDuns Common to Kelso19.9Oct,14-Jan,15105105plotGraeme
033DUC-WBRDuns Common to Wester Broomhouse24.4Jan,15-May,15109109Graeme
034FAR-ARUFareham to Arundel27.3Apr,19-Jul,1924,2525IanR
035FAR-SOUFareham to Southampton17.0Aug,12-Sep,1218-
036FAR-WINFareham to Winchester29.4Apr,12-Jun,121919
037FLT:CCTFelixstowe CircuitJul,17-Jul,1774-plotIanR
038FLB-SHAFlax Bourton to Sharpness30.7Nov,12-May,132424
039FOR-WOLForcett to Wolsingham22.9Mar,18-Jun,1898,9999
040GRA-LISGrampound to Liskeard26.6Jan,16-Jul,1622
041GRA-TROGrampound to Troon21.3Sep,15-Dec,1522
042GRL-CRAGreat Linford to Cranford27.9Sep,15-Jan,1661,6262RobW
043GRL-HEHGreat Linford to Hemel Hempstead38.8Jul,13-Mar,143737JohnT
044GRL-WALGreat Linford to Wallingford47.0Jun,16-Nov,1630,3131JohnT
045GRE-BRMGreetland to Broomhead Moor30.6Jun,13-Mar,1494,9595
046GRE-SKIGreetland to Skipton34.4Aug,13-Mar,1493,9494
047HAW-KELHawick to Kelso22.7Oct,14-Jan,15106106Graeme
048HEH-BUNHemel Hempstead to Buntingford31.1Apr,14-Aug,1468,6969transIanR
049HEH-WCAHemel Hempstead to Windsor Castle30.4Nov,13-Mar,1435,36-transJohnT / IanR
050HEX-LHOHexham to Longhorsley32.0Jan,18-Jul,19102,103103
051HIB-MATHibaldstow to Matlock61.9Sep,19-Dec,2079,8080RodS
052HIB-SCVHibaldstow to South Cave40.2Jan,18-Jun,188989
053IPS-FLTIpswich to Felixstowe (FB 2093)18.6Dec,16-Mar,177474plotIanR
054KIS-PNRKirkby Stephen to Penrith27.2Apr,14-Jul,14108,109-
055LVF-DARLiverpool to Daresbury26.1Oct,19-Feb,208485RoyB
056LVF-LVTLiverpool to Liverpool Tidal Station (FB2607)3.1Sep,19-Oct,198585RoyB
057LHO-BELLonghorsley to Belford31.0Oct,18-Feb,19103103,104
058MCC-DARMacclesfield to Daresbury28.1Dec,19-Mar,208383,84plotRoyB
059MAD-TOLMadron to Newlyn (Tolcarne)Feb,16-Apr,161-
060MAT-BRMMatlock to Broomhead Moor30.6Sep,19-Mar,2095,9696plotRodS
061MAT-MCCMatlock to Macclesfield32.6Jul,19-Mar,2081,8282plotRodS
062MAT-MELMatlock to Melbourne27.5Nov,12-Feb,1380,81-plotRodS
063MEL-NUNMelbourne to Nuneaton33.4Jun,13-Jan,1466,6767RodS
064MEL-STAMelbourne to Stafford32.6Feb,19-Sep,197575RodS
065MEL-WOWMelbourne to Waltham-on-the-Wolds33.3Feb,14-Jun,1465-RodS
066MOR-BELMordington to Belford18.9Sep,16-Dec,16104104
067MOR-DUCMordington to Duns Common14.6Mar,19-May,19105104IanP
068NAV-HIBNavenby to Hibaldstow28.1Apr,18-Aug,187878
069NCL-HAWNewcastleton to Hawick21.8Aug,14-Oct,14106,107107Graeme
070TOL-PAUNewlyn (Tolcarne) to PaulJan,16-Jan,161-
071NLT:CCTNewlyn CircuitJan,16-Apr,161-
072NLT-TOLNewlyn Tidal Observatory BM to Newlyn (Tolcarne)1.2May,15-Jan,161-
073NPE-DULNorth Petherton to Dulverton32.7Feb,15-Aug,1599
074NPE-FLBNorth Petherton to Flax Bourton33.3Dec,12-Jun,1316-
NPE-FLBaNorth Petherton to Flax Bourton (Axmouth to Perry Farm Branch)Dec,12-Jun,131617
NPE-FLBcNorth Petherton to Flax Bourton (Stolford Branch)Dec,12-Jun,1318-
075NOR-FORNorthallerton to Forcett26.1Oct,17-Feb,1897,9898
076OSW-CHSOswestry to Church Stretton31.2Jan,20-May,208888plotBarry
077PAU-SNCPaul to SancreedJan,16-Jan,161-
078PNR-WRLPenrith to Wetheral21.0Dec,14-Mar,15108-
079RIB-KISRibblesdale to Kirkby Stephen29.3Jul,14-Oct,14100100
080SNC-MADSancreed to MadronJan,16-Feb,161-
081SAP-CAMSapperton to Campden31.1Mar,15-Aug,1534,3535
082SAP-SHASapperton to Sharpness24.2Sep,12-Nov,122323
083SHA-BABSharpness to Brampton Abbots36.4Dec,12-Jun,1341,4242
084SKI-RIBSkipton to Ribblesdale25.6Aug,14-Dec,14101101RobW
085SKI-WBYSkipton to Wetherby27.0Jul,18-Dec,189293
086SCV-BULSouth Cave to Bulmer33.3Jun,18-Oct,189090
087SOU-SOESouthampton to Southampton (Tide Gauge - Empress Dock)2.2Apr,21-May,211111
088SOU-SOTSouthampton to Southampton (Tide Gauge - Town Quay)Feb,22-Feb,2211-
089SOU-WIMSouthampton to Wimborne38.8Sep,12-Oct,1210,11-
SOU-WIMaSouthampton to Wimborne (Branch Line)Sep,12-Oct,1211-
090SOU-WINSouthampton to Winchester13.5Nov,19-Feb,201212
SOU-WINbSouthampton to Winchester (Romsey Circuit Branch)Nov,19-Feb,201213
SOU-WINdSouthampton to Winchester (Eastleigh to Winchester Branch)Nov,19-Feb,2013-
SOU-WINeSouthampton to Winchester (Bar End to Winnall Branch)Nov,19-Feb,2013-
091STA-CHSStafford to Church Stretton47.3Mar,19-Nov,197676,77
092SUC-BROSuckley to Bromsgrove25.4Jan,13-Mar,133939
093SUC-CHSSuckley to Church Stretton43.9Jan,14-Jul,1442,43,4444
094THF-DRCThornford to Dorchester18.8Nov,12-Mar,138-
095THF-NPEThornford to North Petherton27.5Nov,12-Mar,138,9-
096TOR-BOSTorrington to Boscastle34.1Mar,15-Sep,1555
097TRO-TOLTroon to Newlyn (Tolcarne)15.7Oct,15-Dec,1511
098UPL-FLBUpton Lovell to Flax Bourton44.3Aug,12-Dec,1215-
099WAL-BUCWallingford to Buckland25.8May,12-Jun,1221-JohnT
100WOW-NAVWaltham-on-the-Wolds to Navenby28.7Jun,17-Sep,177778RobW
101WAR-CAMWarwick to Campden26.8May,15-Sep,1533,3434
102WAR-DVEWarwick to Daventry22.5Mar,13-Jun,1333-
103WAR-NUNWarwick to Nuneaton24.0Jul,13-Nov,1367,6868
104WRL-NCLWetheral to Newcastleton31.1Aug,14-Dec,14107-
105WBY-BULWetherby to Bulmer32.0Dec,18-Jul,199191,92
106WKN-CLAWicken to Clare28.4Apr,14-Aug,1471-plotIanR
107WIN-BASWinchester to Basingstoke26.6May,12-Jun,1220-
108WIN-UPLWinchester to Upton Lovell45.8Jun,12-Oct,121414
WIN-UPLbWinchester to Upton Lovell (Mottisfont to Romsey Branch)Jun,12-Oct,1214-
109WCA-WALWindsor Castle to Wallingford27.4Nov,13-Jan,142929,30JohnT
110WOL-HEXWolsingham to Hexham24.0Sep,18-Jan,19102102
111WOL-KISWolsingham to Kirkby Stephen37.0Jun,18-Oct,1899,100100
112WRE-OSWWrexham to Oswestry24.0Aug,19-Dec,198787Barry
113YEL-LISYelverton to Liskeard23.9Apr,16-Aug,1633

Thanks already to Barry Hunter for volunteering server space for this exercise!
and again for the scripting already in place - and under development!!
- Ian Richardson - 20040823 -
The first few volunteers were -
John Talbot:Wallingford &c Roy Beacham:Daresbury
Rod Sladen:Matlock then Melbourne Barry Hunter:N Wales
Rob Woodall:Castor Ian Peattie:Mordington - Duns Common
IanR:Clare / Wicken lines Graeme Paterson:Dunbar area