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Co-ordinate converter - OSGB36 to WGS84 - WGS84 to OSGB - NAC ...
Free Online Coordinate Convertor - converts most UK/Irish Grid References and
Worldwide Lat/Longs Painlessly - also includes links to many other sites.

Location Search GB - by TrigTools UK
Geographical Search Engine - Find Megaliths, Walks, Fords, Triangulation Pillars,
OS Benchmarks, Radio Transmitters and More.

TrigTools - Triangulation & Levelling Information
This website is dedicated to the study of Triangulation & Levelling, and a general
interest in all things maps and points of interest.

Levelling - Ordnance Survey's Levelling of Great Britain
Ordnance Survey's. Levelling of. Great Britain. This site is growing as a collection
of information regarding the various levelling activities carried ...

TrigTools - Map Websites
TrigTools - Map Websites. The following is a list of map websites. The left side
of the table lists the methods you can search by at that site. ...

Coordinate Converter Information
... Select the Location on a UK MapPaste/Type your Co-ordinate String Here: (Format:.
Links & Full Conversion, More conversions & Location Map ... and Guestbook and Add a message : : :
Search There are now 2 messages in our guestbook. ...

TrigTools - Links Page
TrigTools - Links Page. Places to find more information about Triangulation and
Levelling. This page lists many of the varied sites I have come across ...

TrigTools - Primary Triangulation 1935-1967
TrigTools - Primary Triangulation 1935-1967. This map shows the Rays observed in
building up the Primary Network of Trigpoints that the OS measured ...

Location Search - by TrigTools UK
Information about the Datasets available in this search. Click a Dataset Link
for more information on the site, Goto search now ...

TrigTools - Data-Mining Trigpoint data
TrigTools. ( Home | Coordinates Used | Map Websites | Sources | Links ).
Location Searches. New Looking for Something? Directory of Geographical Search ...

TrigTools - Sources of TrigPoint and Geospatial Data
Data Sources (in no particular order). All programs are created by me, although
I have borrowed some code from few places (mentioned below), ...

List of all FB's Compiled from Location Search
... Triangulation Pillars. Trigonomy - Yahoo Group.
Extinctions.xls (Trigonomy). DatesBuilt.xls (Trigonomy). OSBM - MSN group ...

Geographical Websites - Looking for Something?
Looking for Something? Geographical Website Directory. If you are looking to find
more information on a geographical feature or location then you've ...

Re-Levelling of London (1932)
... FB List (sourced from the abstract), see also the London Index which has
started from a different source and includes L plates, ...

OS Annual Report Plates
Levelling Homepage, Ordnance Survey's Levelling of Great Britain, [1GL, 2GL
Abstract] [1GL, 2GL Transcription], [Timeline] [FBM List], TrigTools ...

TrigTools - Which Scripts Accept What?
Co-ordinates used in TrigTools. ( Home | Sitemap | Map Websites | Sources | Links ).
Jump to: National Grid Reference | Irish Grid Refence | Easting and ...

1GL Transcription Guide
... 1GL Transcription Guide. Jump to General Information or Column Descriptions.
Download the template for the line in question from the 1GL Abstract Index. ...

UK Gazetteer - England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland Gazetteer
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland Gazetteer. Looking for results centered
on Lat/Long, a GR or Postcode? try the Co-ordinate Converter, ...

Features from UK Gazetteer
Features from UK Gazetteer. Text Search, or Grid Reference?: Nearest of each
Feature Type to above GR All Features centered on above GR. No data ...

Point of Interest Location Search - links Geographical Engines for ...
Place of Interest (POI) Search for Great Britain. You can use this page to link
you directly to a number of Geographical Search Engines offering results ...

DISCLAIMER: I developed this tools for my own use, so they don't look that pretty. I hope they work fine, but there may well be bugs. Please email me if you find any... All the programs are hand developed, but the data used is borrowed from other locations, namely the Trigonomy Yahoo Group and, thanks to them for making the data available.

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This page created by Barry Hunter (c)2005 part of Trig Tools
If interested the background is Moel Oernant
Uses many Sources of Data, how do you data-mine without data?